Vendor of the Week – Seventh Wave Aquagrow

The Osborne Family has always been interested in all things “outside”, “good to eat” and “good for you”. Their West-Evansville roots run deep in backyard gardens and home grown fruits and vegetables. Great memories of snappin’ beans with Grandma or planting broccoli with Grandpa in whatever little patch of ground that could be could broke.

Starting in January 2017, Beth, Matt and there children, Fletcher and Atley, began their journey as “Urban Farmers”. Seventh Wave Aquagrow is an indoor Grow house located on Evansville’s west-side. They sustainably grow chemical-free, pesticide-free, all natural lettuce, greens and Microgreens in an Aquaponic System. Aquaponics is the combination of Aquaculture (raising fish) with Hydroponics (soil-less growth of plants) in an integrated and natural eco-system. Follow the Osbornes and Seventh Wave Aquagrow along their journey to provide healthier food for the community. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram for product availability and updates.

2018 Historic Newburgh Farmers Market Title Sponsor

We’re excited to announce Romain Crosspointe Auto Park will return for the 2018 market season as the title sponsor of the Historic Newburgh Farmers Market. We send a huge thank you to Romain for their continued support of our market and for being champions of local food. We can’t wait for the market to start in May!